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Find yourself a quiet corner and settle down with a brilliant new Banks  thriller from Peter Robinson...

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Greetings one and all! This month's book of the month wasn't particularly hard to choose - all four titles below are from this month's Crime & Thrillers page, and any one of them could have been my book of the month... Stuart MacBride's A SONG FOR THE DYING is released in paperback, James Oswald's latest Inspector McLean is fantastic, and what can you say about Jessie Keane that hasn't already been said? But for me, BROADCHURCH just about has the edge...

All about the books in this issue... and how the times they are a-changing...


This month sees another milestone in Books Monthly's history - you may not like it, but I'm afraid it's the way it's going to be from now on - my own murder mystery novel THE SILENT THREE is set for publication some time in the next two months - I will update this page as and when I get anything firm to tell you about it. What it means, of course, is that I am in the middle of rewrites and edits, soon to be followed by proof readings and final read throughs, followed by the book launch and months and months of publicity and working on the sequel, because my publisher has asked for one! It means, folks, that I simply won't be able to devote as much time as usual to Books Monthly - I will spend at least one week a month listing all the fabulous books that come my way, and if I get time, I'll write a paragraph or a couple of sentences about some of the titles, but the vast majority are going to have to be one-liners from now on. The big titles, like the Mary Berrys, the Bernard Cornwells, the Stuart MacBrides, the Peter Robinsons and the Stephen Kings will get the usual treatment, a decent comment about them and why you should be buying them. But I will have to confine my comments to one-liners for the rest of them, I'm afraid, and I hope you will understand why that has to be! There are some fabulous titles in this issue, and we're at a bit of a lull with my own story rewrites while my publisher goes over what I just sent her, so the next two-three days will be filled with entering the details and the images of the final few titles for this issue, and hopefully some decent comments for a lot of the books. If I haven't written something about your book, it's because I've run out of time, not because I don't like it - beginning with the next issue I will give a star rating for each book that I can't get round to writing about, and hopefully you'll stick with Books Monthly on the offchance you see something you didn't know about, and because you'd like to hear more about THE SILENT THREE... See you next month, and keep checking back for more updates as and when they are given to me!


As always, a reminder to publishers that all titles have to be with me by the 23rd of each month for inclusion in the following month's issue, otherwise they will have to be held over till the next month. I know that's a big ask, but I do have to have a cut-off point in order to fit everything in!


This is a fantastic issue for crime and thriller lovers, with new titles from Stuart MacBride, Peter Robinson and Elizabeth Corley, along with BROADCHURCH, which is my lead title for this month, plus there's the brilliant LAWLESS by the peerless gangster writer Jessie Keane (who has always encouraged me to keep trying with my own writing, and I love her for that, and I love her books too!), then there's the novelisation of THE KILLING, a great new james Oswald, a terrific Malcolm Mackay, a superb number from CATH STAINCLIFFE, two from the lovely Rebecca Tope, another from Catherine Aird, and another terrific Scottish thriller by James Craig.


I hope you enjoy this issue of Books Monthly and can find something worth spending your money on - there are some fabulous titles out this month, something for everyone. See you in September - my word, how the time flies!


Paul Norman

Editor, publisher and author...


The small print: Books Monthly, now well into its sixteenth year on the web, is published on or slightly before the first day of each month by Paul Norman. You can contact me here. If you wish to submit something for publication in the magazine, let me remind you there is no payment as I don't make any money from this publication. If you want to send me something to review, contact me via email and I'll let you know where to send it.