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Greetings one and all! I've just completed the second rewrite of my first novel and sent it back to my publisher... so now I have a few daysin which to concentrate on getting a fantastic issue of Books Monthly ready for the end of the month! This month is a revelation when it comes to children's books - there are fifty + books on the children's books page, but even so it wasn't hard to choose my book of the month - The Shirley Hughes "A Year of Stories" is everything you should be looking for in a book... it is simply sensational, so check it out on the children's books page...

All about the books in this issue...

This sensational treasury of Shirley Hughes stories is something rather special - if you're like me, and have, or had, the privilege of being able to read stories to your children, you will love it. If, like me, you still enjoy children's stories, and yes, I still read my Enid Blytons from time to time, and I get to read some of the most amazing children's books during the course of compiling Books Monthly each month, of course, then you will love it. The illustrations are simply superb, and the stories are absolutely brilliant. This is a real gem, a reason why you should still be buying books or at least borrowing them from the public library, and it should be winning awards, because it really is so good! It's a gift book, of course - your children will almost certainly have favourite Shirley Hughes stories... but more importantly, it's a book you can enjoy reading with you children, it's a book to be read, to be devoured, to be marvelled at, to be delighted with. It is absolutely terrific!


Every so often, I check Amazon's "next 90 days" section of their new books pages to find out what's coming and to make sure I don't miss anything important. Last month, you may remember, I reviewed two superb facsimile publications of E Phillips Oppenheim thrillers published by The British Library. I don't recall ever seeing books published by TBL on the Amazon pages - that doesn't mean there haven't been any, of course, but they arrived out of the blue, unsolicited, and I was proud to have been approached by TBL. They sent a catalogue of their latest publications, and you'll find a number of them in this issue. Of particular interest are the four 1930s crime stories by Mavis Doriel Hay and John Bude - stories that will almost certainly have been forgotten by all but a select few people whose knowledge of 1930s crime fiction surpasses my own. We all remember Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh and Dorothy L Sayers, of course, but these names are new to me, I have to admit, but they are a welcome addition to the fantastic stock of books available to read in that genre.


I hope you enjoy this issue of Books Monthly and can find something worth spending your money on - there are some fabulous titles out this month, something for everyone, literally. See you in September - my word, how the time flies!


Paul Norman

Editor, publisher and author...


The small print: Books Monthly, now well into its sixteenth year on the web, is published on or slightly before the first day of each month by Paul Norman. You can contact me here. If you wish to submit something for publication in the magazine, let me remind you there is no payment as I don't make any money from this publication. If you want to send me something to review, contact me via email and I'll let you know where to send it.